Never have I ever not been a teacher.

Until now. Today is the first day of my life as a non-teacher. Teaching is the only job I have ever had, weird and true. First I taught pre-school and kindergarten. I loved it. I was just looking back at pictures today (while packing) from this time and it was really such a great time.

Next, I went to grad school and was a full time teaching intern at a school in Baltimore. It was NUTS! There were lock-downs, fighting (physical) between moms, and lots of dancing to Barbara Streisand.

After that I taught at a rough school in Alexandria. After a few years of way too many tears over a job, I decided it was time for a change and moved to Charles Barrett.

Barrett is a great school and I really love it, but after 4 years there it was time for another change. I am going on Young Life Staff! Young Life is a group I have volunteered with since I was in college. I am going to be training college students to be Young Life leaders in college and doing some office work (never have I ever). Check out this page for more about Mason Young Life.

Never Have I Ever. I said this was the year for doing something new, and I am sticking to it.



One thought on “Never have I ever not been a teacher.

  1. Courtney says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!

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