Sweet Green

Never have I ever been to Sweet Green until last night. My friend Karisse stayed with me last night, so we decided to live it up on the town and go to Sweet Green at Reston Town Center. I’ve heard rave reviews about it, but have never been in before. I figured, why not try it out?


We walked in not certain what the place was like. I figured it was healthy, which is something that can be hit or miss in my opinion. The girl taking our orders was VERY complimentary of both of us- telling us how she loved our shirts, our hair, etc. I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or a little freaked out. After a few minutes of perusing the menu, I decided on the Guacamole Salad. It consisted of mixed greens, red onion, cherry tomatoes, chicken, avocado, crunched up tortilla chips, and lime vinaigrette. $9.00 later, I was a bit sceptical, but man was it good. Well worth it. I inhaled it. 


Afterwards we hit up Anthropologie where I cried because I couldn’t afford anything and talked Karisse out of a $118 dress. A hit of a night.



One thought on “Sweet Green

  1. Karisse says:

    It took me a second to realize this was Your blog (I am on google reader on my phone and didn’t notice right away. So my thoughts went like this: “hey, those bowls look like sweet green. Those look like my boobs. Hey wait, I have that shirt…oh. It’s me!” ha ha! (and yes, I noticed the boobs before the shirt!) and thanks for talking me out of the dress. Except that I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. Not for one second. In fact, I still want it. Sigh.

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