Alternate Universe

My endless saga of moving continues, I hope you all are excited about it. So, when I first knew I was going to move out I decided I would save so much money if I got out of my apartment as soon as possible and lived with my dad over the summer. This is not turning out to be the case. Getting a POD, turns out is quite expensive. I did it though, and it arrives Friday.

In order for it to arrive, I need to have spaces blocked off. I thought I could do this through my neighborhood, so I went to the office yesterday. Nope, this is a matter for City Hall.

I headed off for City Hall to acquire a permit (Never Have I ever had a permit other than a learner’s permit). This is where the alternate universe part comes in. Every single person I encountered within the walls of City Hall went out of their way to help me. I don’t just mean the clerks that I was working with, people I passed in the hall, was on the elevator with, EVERYONE. Soon after I walked in a woman came over to look at the paper I was holding and told me where to go. While riding the elevator back down, the man hit the floor one button without asking (and it was not his floor), while standing in line (the WRONG line) a woman redirected me.

As much as I want to take this as people are just friendly, I am finding this difficult to do. Instead, I am seeing it as I was looking so stinking clueless that people were feeling sorry for me. I must say I did not see this sort of bending over kindness for other people.

We’ll see if my apparent helplessness will help me out anymore in this move.


PS-Maria and I had an AMAZING adventure to Harper’s Ferry this weekend. Tomorrow and Thursday you’ll be hearing all about it.


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