Harper’s Ferry: Part One

Never have I ever been to Harper’s Ferry, WV until last Sunday. Hannah and I were both talking about how we had no plans on Sunday during the day, so we decided, hey, why don’t we do something awesome and different? I looked up a few different places to go- the Pope Leighty House in Alexandria, Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, but for some reason, Harper’s Ferry, WV won out. We had no idea what to expect, but #yolo, am I right?

We left Reston at around 11:00 am on Sunday and drove to Harper’s Ferry. The ride is so stinking pretty! It’s through the mountains and farms in Loudoun Co and it was a beautiful day. We got to Harper’s Ferry and started following the brown historical signs around the downtown area to local “hot spots”.

I have SEVERAL observations of the day, but here are my Top 5:

5. Who the heck new that Harper’s Ferry was such a hot spot? There are shuttle buses that take you from a parking lot that costs $10 (ridiculous, btw) and takes you to two spots- one is a battle reinactment complete with a cannon firing and the other is to downtown historical Harper’s Ferry.


4. The downtown area has amazing signs. A bookstore, a Fancy Goods shop, a John Brown shop. I mean, what more could you need?


3. We ate lunch at the Coffee Mill. It felt like I was back in the olden days, but the prices did not indicate that. $8.99 for a BLT and chips? Steep, but worth it. There were also several high school students working there who couldn’t stop looking at their cell phones to take our order. Cell phone obsessed, even in Harper’s Ferry.


2.  The Wax Museum. There is really enough said with just those words, but I’ll continue. We spotted the sign from the street after eating lunch and decided to check it out. Our pact was to go in if it was free, but pass it up if in cost money. We walked in and the lady at the desk greeted us. She was upselling like a champ. I told her we were just looking around and that we weren’t going to pay to go in, and she quickly told me that the pricing is by age. She said there was a child price and an adult price. I hate to break it to this lady, but we are both obviously adults. We thanked her awkwardly and then walked out. I snagged a picture of a totally creepy wax figure in the window (please look closely below) .


5. After we walked over the bridge (which I’m sure Hannah will touch on later), we decided it was time to start walking back to the shuttle. We walked past a covered wagon on display for people to take pictures with/of. Notice to the right of my picture below…no, that’s not a homeless man, it is an Appalachian Trial hiker just stopped for a quick nap in Harper’s Ferry. They were everywhere, these hikers, and they all looked the same. Long dreads, dirty, walking sticks, etc. It was pretty amazing.


Don’t cry, Hannah will be back with Part Two tomorrow!



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