The Ferry. Part 2.

The trip was too good for 1 day. So I am back for more. Here are my top 5 things:1. Cast your memory back to our shuttle bus ride to the old town. While we were sitting on the bus, an odd couple walked up to ask about when the bus was leaving. The driver said, “Soon, but the another one will be here soon. Look, here comes one now.” The couple clearly wasn’t happy with that answer, but were also waiting for someone. The lady went running to the bathroom, while an older gent joined the original man. The driver closed the door and prepared to leave, but saw a  cyclist who wanted to get on. Apparently, the bus driver had a soft spot for the bikers. Not only did she open the door for her, but she hopped out to help her secure her bike to the front of the bus. This opened the door for the mysterious couple. The gentlemen walked slowly onto the bus while the ladies came out from the bathroom and put the huss on to get on the bus as well. As they got on, the younger lady telling the older one “There will be more bathrooms” WHAT? She still hadn’t gone? COME ON! She was in there a good amount of time, and why not just wait?! The bus driver was not lying, another bus had already arrived during the bike securing. As the older lady found a seat, she immediately pulled out some Tang and got to drinking. I guess the bathroom wasn’t that big of an emergency after all.

2. I know Maria mentioned the Fancy Goods, and no, we didn’t even go in. But I love a store that celebrates the fancy.

3.The lunch we had was quite good, but I must agree with Maria that they did not give us the old west feel with the cost. My favorite thing I found there was this gem:

4. Have you heard of the locks of love in Paris? I have only heard of it thanks to my love of the blog. I didn’t go when I was there, but I wasn’t in love either.

In Harper’s Ferry, however, it seems there is a different tradition. As a steady stream of people walk to and fro over this bridge they affix something else to the bridge:

I wonder what the tradition is?

5. And lastly. Maria talked about the Mountain Men. I have been a little obsessed with hikers from the Appalachian Trail. They have fake names. That really is the only fact with which I am obsessed-but how cool is the idea of a fake name. So here is a close up of that man by the covered wagon.


P.S. My friend Matt Stevens always joked about opening Ye Olde Computer Shoppe in Colonial Williamsburg. Now I am seeing the franchise potential.


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