Moving Stinks. (the last post about moving for a while)

Moving stinks.

Never have I ever moved out of an apartment that I lived in alone. This sounds like I am pulling strings on something I have never done-but this is actually something. Other places I have lived, in moving out I have just been responsible for my room basically. Not this time. Now It is all my stuff and it all had to get out.

So, I got the POD, I got the permit for the POD, I got movers and packed up my stuff. I was sure something was going to go wrong, but I wasn’t sure what. I hired, shall we say, budget movers and I was pretty sure that was going to be the downfall. We’ll get to that later.

Friday morning, I looked out at my reserved spots and there was a car! I paid $200 dollars for those spots, yet still I felt that the car somehow deserved to be there. After being prodded to do something about it, I called the non-emergency police and they towed that sucker to the other side of the street right before the POD arrived. Crisis averted.

After a full day (the hottest day ever) of packing things up, the movers were due to arrive at 7 pm. I left around 6:30pm to run an errand and came back to see a senior citizen type of person pulling up in a van. This is it…the disappointment I was expecting. The “movers” I paid for were going to be just 1 man who is quite possibly weaker than me (which is a hard to do). Crisis averted again, as he walked across the street. At 6:45 the budget movers arrived, ahead of schedule. They loaded up that POD with no problem. At first I felt the need to help and carried down 1 real light box at a time. When I saw them carrying 3 heavy ones at a time, I decided it was just time to give it up. Let them do their job. They got it all out in an hour. It was amazing. Best money I have EVER spent.

They finished in an hour. Were nice and cheap. TOTALLY worth it. I decided to stay around a little longer and finish stuff up. I gave up around 10:30, headed to 7-11 to get a big old root beer and arrived at my sisters minutes before:

the biggest storm I have ever seen. This is the next thing I thought was going to go wrong. I was sure the roof was going to blow right off that POD. It didn’t.

Amazing, right? I had such a good experience, despite my absolute hatred of moving.

There was one catch. After a slight miscommunication about a sofa that I decided not to move I had to figure out what to do with my sofa at the 11th hour.I had seen some people, recently, leave their sofa on the side of the street, so I decided that was what I would do. Graciously, Maria said she would help me, and I thought we would basically just slide it out the door. WRONG. After lots of sweating and trying every different angle to get this thing out the door we finally tried it upside down and it slipped right out. We put the slipcover back on, the cushions and left a sign saying it was free and set out. Immediately one of my neighbors took notice and called a friend. Today, you will be glad to hear, I went back and the sofa was gone. Mission complete.

Moving does stink, that is not a lie, but I did it. And I did it all by myself. I feel like a legit grown up.



2 thoughts on “Moving Stinks. (the last post about moving for a while)

  1. Teresa Thompson says:

    Makes me think of a song…what was it? Oh, 2 legit to quit! Proud of you and love you, T

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