I lied before

I knew there would be one more moving post. I have a top 5 list of important things to remember when moving:

5. Move in the fall or spring. The summer is always hot, and it could snow in the winter.

4. Cast Iron cookware? Don’t buy it until you have a permanent home. It is always heavy.

3. Find a dumpster/dump nearby that you can use. There will be more trash than you can imagine.

2. If someone offers to help you, take them up on it. It is nice to have someone around.

1. This last one is the most important and can be used in other life scenarios: just because a big black trash bag is big, does not mean you need to fill it to capacity. Those suckers are super heavy when full of stuff and it is in their nature to rip when sharp things are jammed inside.

I needed to record these so that I will remember them the next time.



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