Living a gluten free lifestyle while at camp


I am at Lake Champion this week babysitting for an adorable one year old. It is pretty great, because it involves hanging out with my friends that are here and sleeping. Hudson sleeps a lot, so I do too. Perfection.
Now for a little background. I have had a stomachache for years, basically since college. I thought there wasn’t much o could do about it and tried to just not complain about it. About a month ago my friend Kelsey told me I should try going gluten free for a few weeks to see if it made a difference. For the first week and a half it really didn’t. But then, it happened…the stomachache went away. Honestly, I was hoping to see no difference. But, I did. So I have been enjoying a gluten free lifestyle ever since.
This is easy at home, a little harder when I go out to eat, but the hardest here when someone just brings me some food. People always talk about the food at young life camp being so great and there are some things that I always look forward to. Mostly the cookies. I haven’t had any, but it does make me sad each time one passes me by.
PS this was written on my phone. Exciting and maria won’t be posting this week because she is leading a cabin at camp this week. Next week we will be back in full force.


One thought on “Living a gluten free lifestyle while at camp

  1. Diane says:

    Wow! Missed you by a day! We had several gluten free on the team and the loved the GF cookies at camp. And–you’re going on staff???!!! Love it!

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