Back to the Future.

Well, actually the past. I have moved back home. I haven’t lived here since right after graduating from college. There are pros and cons.


1. I have taken all of my apartment and condensed it into my childhood bedroom. Most of my childhood belongings are still in said room. This leaves little room for my current belongings. It is a little crammed.

2. My childhood bedroom has no blinds and my bed is directly next to an east facing window. So I have been waking up with the sun most mornings.

3. We have an attack dachshund. Her name is Lulu. She is cute, but that lady loves a good barking session.


1.  My dad loves to cook and is used to cooking for himself, but happy to cook for 2. He comes home each night asking me what sounds good for dinner. Pretty great way to live.

This is what we had on Monday

2. The air conditioning in my car isn’t working. I think you know it has been pretty hot outside. The cloth seats and black interior really amp that up. At my dad’s house there is an extra car with working AC.

3. The absolute best pro. 



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