Anna Karenina

Never have I ever read Anna Karenina…until now. Hannah and I went to see People Like Us last weekend (which by the way, was a little bit awkward), and there was a preview for Anna Karenina with Keira Knightly.

Two things to note about me: 1. I love Keira Knightly, 2. I love ANY type of old timey/period movie/miniseries/show. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice WITH Keira Knightly. Double dose of awesome.

So, we saw the preview, which looked amazing, and afterwards we decided that we’re going to reaad the book first. There are people that can see the movie adaptation of a book and then suddenly want to read the book. That person is not me. If I see the movie first, I’m done. No need to read the book. SO, it is great for me to read this before the movie comes out.

The only problem is that this book is 800 pages. Also, I tend to only read when I get in bed to go to sleep at night. I read one paragraph and promptly fall into a deep sleep. We’ll see how this goes.




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