I am heading to Colorado tomorrow, to Denver. I can’t say that Never Have I Ever been there before. I have had close friends living there since I was in college and have been to visit quite a few times. I love it there. I am SURE I will be doing things I have never done before when I am there. So stay tuned for excitement.

This past weekend I was in my friends Derek and Kelsey’s wedding. I lead with Derek and Kelsey at Mason and had such a great time celebrating with them. Here is a list of new things from the weekend.

1. Never had I ever stayed in Orange, VA.  I know I must have driven through it before, but the place is beautiful.

There were lots of views like this

2. Never had I ever eaten at a gas station 2 days in a row for lunch.

Gluten free lifestyle makes on the go eating harder.

3. Never had I ever worn the cowboy boots i bought years ago. In fact, I forgot I had them. This does concern me a bit.

4. Never had I ever worn liquid eye liner. Honestly, I am now a bit obsessed. Welcome to 7th grade, Hannah.

5. Never had I ever seen such a relaxed bride. We had to change the location of the wedding, things weren’t what she thought and she didn’t spend one second flustered.

Even the fear of oncoming trains didn’t get to her.

Congratulations Derek and Kelsey!



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