K&M Mobile Florists

Never have I ever arranged flowers while in a moving vehicle. Last weekend, I attended the beautiful wedding of Kelsey and Derek in Orange, VA. The wedding started at 6:00.  A few girls and I were leaving around 2:00 to hit up a vineyard or two before the big event. I was on my way to meet the girls in Fairfax when I got a call from Kim. Kim said she had just heard from Hannah (who was a bridesmaid in the wedding) and there was a flower emergency. The bouquets Kelsey received the day of the wedding were not what she wanted or pictured…at all. Who wants hideous flowers on their wedding day? Not me, that’s for sure. Hannah and the other bridesmaids frantically called florists in the area to see if they could get some quick flowers the day of. No such luck. So, they started calling friends that were coming down to the wedding. Hannah called Kim and asked if there was ANY way she could pick up some flowers from Wegman’s and bring them with her to the wedding. Challenge accepted, Hannah.

I got to Kim’s and we quickly went into florist mode. She had just gone to Michael’s to pick up some purple ribbon to wrap the flower bouquets with. We got on the road and headed to Warrenton to hit up Wegman’s. I’m sure the florist at Wegman’s has never received a panicked call from a girl saying “OMG HELP, we need 13 wildflower bunches STAT!” Maybe? Maybe not? A side note, we completely passed Wegman’s the first time around and had to backtrack 9 miles. Whoops.

We made it to Wegman’s and snatched up 13 bunches of wildflower type bouquets, some baby’s breath, and some hydrangea. The florist lady was also nice enough to give us two buckets to put all of the flowers in.

The flower loot.

So, we got on the road, 1.5 hours till we hit Orange. Time, about 3:30pm. Kim is driving, trying not to kill us, while I’m ripping open flower bunches, arranging them, and shoving in baby’s breath to make them look a little less puny. Then I cut the bouquets and Kim held the rubber bands for me. The car looked like a massacre of flowers- stems and leaves all over the place. Kim and I couldn’t stop laughing because of how ridiculous we looked.

Notice the car whizzing by behind me.

Floral artistry at its finest.

The Lord watched out for us that day, because we made it to Orange in one piece, with time to spare! We parked near the church and wrapped 13 bouquets with flowers faster than I can run a mile. And you know what? They looked darn good if I do say so myself. I think Kim and I should start a flower business- K&M Mobile Florist…servicing all of your floral needs, in a jiffy. Has a nice ring to it.

Congratulations Derek and Kelsey, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!



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