As I have said before, it isn’t that I have never been to Colorado, but I did do a lot of new things while I was there last week. First note, I went to visit Lizzy. She is my best friend and has been since college. It is great being around someone who has known you for a long time and shares a sense of humor.

1. First we went to Vail.

Vail is beautiful. I have been to quite a few ski towns, please know this: I don’t ski. I haven’t ever been to theses ski towns in the winter, but I have in the summer. Personally, I think they are great places to be in the summer. They are beautiful, cool and so freaking pretty. So Vail in comparison to other ski towns is bigger and seemed a little more crowded. There are 2 villages connected by a trail and a beautiful stream. The stores in Vail are kind of like the ones you might find in any touristy place, even Washington DC, but instead of selling Constitutions and pink FBI shirts, Vail sells fleeces. All types of them: leopard print, ones with the flag of Colorado, all sorts. I bought one. I had to.

She told me to.

2. Next we drove to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I had never been there either. In order to get there you drive through this canyon, which was amazing.

We stayed in the Hotel Colorado. THE Hotel Colorado. It has quite a history, I know because they handed it to us upon check in. Basically it is this: the hotel is old, it has been fairly unsuccessful-bought and sold many times. At one point it served as a sanitarium of some sort (this wasn’t in the printed history, but Lizzy’s husband told us). The most interesting point: the teddy bear originated here after a failed bear hunt by Teddy Roosevelt.

the hotel

looks creepy, right?

One more thing of note: there was no air conditioning in this hotel. It was hot outside and inside. The morning we woke up it was 60 degrees outside and probably 85 inside. Made for great sleeping.

3. I went in hot springs. Apparently this is a big thing in Colorado. There are lots of them. I remember my grandfather talking about them a lot when I was little-and I pictured something like Old Faithful. Water shooting up that was hot. Springs is the word that brought this to mind. This isn’t what they look like.

This instead is what it looks like. A giant pool. I mean really giant. Lizzy and I went for the most discounted price of $11 for the hour of 9-10. There were lots of people waiting for this discount. The pool was fairly awesome-it was a GIANT hot tub.

4. Last we went to Hanging Lake. This is a hike close to Glenwood Springs. There were a ton of people and lots of kids. I was thinking it was going to be a piece of cake. The hike was a mile, but goes 1,000 feet up. Those numbers don’t mean a lot-but I will tell you it is really steep. It was so pretty.

The pictures look really idyllic. It was really pretty, the only downside was that there were lots of people. The sign pictured above had a companion sign telling people to make sure not to touch the water because of the danger it might cause to the ecosystem. There were quite a few rebel kids who ran across that log in the last picture throwing rocks into the water.

What a great trip.



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