Never have I ever taken Benadryl

On the plane ride home I discovered some bug bites on my arm. I saw one on my wrist and it itched like crazy. I thought this was strange because Lizzy and I had been talking about how there are so many less mosquitos in Colorado than Virginia. But I guess I had met one.

That night I discovered that I had 6 more on my upper arm and they didn’t look like mosquito bites. They were pretty big white welts. Gross, I know. I went to bed at a normal time, only to be awoken at 4 with an unparalleled itchiness. At that point I became convinced that I had encountered bed bugs in the Hotel Colorado. I got a trash bag and put all of my stuff in it, changed my clothes and tried to force myself back to sleep. 2 hours later, I did.

The next day I washed EVERYTHING. Still, I was convinced the bites I had were bed bugs. I washed my duffle bag, my dop kit, everything. Next step was to buy some meds. I got Allegra for the day and Benadryl for the night. Never have I ever taken anything for bug bites, that should convince you of the severity of the bites.

Sunday night came and it was time for bed and Benadryl. I looked at the dosage. It said that someone over 12 should take 1 or 2. I said to my dad “I should take 2, right?” He told me that he normally just takes one. I begrudgingly agreed, thinking I would just take another if I woke up itching in the night.

Oh I didn’t wake up. I opened my eyes for the first time at 9:30 AM. That doesn’t sound crazy, I know, but remind yourself that the sun comes right in my room and I have been waking up around 6 AM most days (not staying awake, but waking up). I decided to get up, despite the fog I was in. It would surely dissipate soon. That was false.

I had to take my computer to the Apple store for a data transfer, the whole time the guy was talking to me I had to fight the feeling not to put my head down on the counter. I went to lunch later that day and took a phone call on the way home. I walked in the house while talking on the phone and put my bag down. It took me approximately 30 minutes to find it later that day.

I fell hard asleep watching the Olympics, not very like me.

All in all, I am glad I took only one. I can’t imagine what might have happened had I taken 2. I kind of wish I had.

AND, you will be glad to know, I have gotten no more bites and am convinced I had some kind of reaction to a Colorado bug, rather than bed bugs. PHEW!



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