I love the Olympics. That is no lie. In honor of the Olympics, I have decided to comment on my Top 5 Favorite Olympic things.

5. The US Men’s Swim Team. Enough said.

4. The voices of the US Women’s Gymnastics team. Alvin and the Chipmunks, perhaps?

3. Bob Costas. Is he doing ok? He doesn’t look so good. His face is very pale white and he leans to his right side like he’s about to fall over. I think he needs a nap.

2. The 37 year old gymnast who is still going strong. Pretty amazing, really.

1. And the best and most awesome….the commentators for the swimming. I believe they are BFF’s because they loooove sitting as close to each other as possible.

My heart will be sad when the Olympics are over on Sunday. What will I do every night?



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