Plaka Grill

Never have I ever been to Plaka Grill, and that was a mistake. It is good.

My friend Courtney told me she was going to be in town for the day on Wednesday.

This isn’t from lunch, but shows the fun lover she is.

Courtney is an avid reader of the blog, an enthusiast if you will, so I viewed this as an opportunity to try something new. I have heard many people talking about Plaka Grill and some have even scoffed at my lack of experience. This was the time and Courtney was pumped.

We arrived and I had to be fairly aggressive to get a parking spot. There was some honking involved, not by me, and I don’t believe it was directed at me. This place is very small and was packed to the brim.

Courtney and I stood around catching up and really had no idea what we were to do. Finally we got the nerve up to ask the guy behind the cash register what we were to do. He told us to stalk someone for a table and then pointed out an old couple leaving. Courtney and I sprinted over there and basically elbowed the oldsters out of the way. There was actually no competition for the table, but it felt more sporting to really go for it.

We decided what to order and went up to do so. One of the things that makes this place interesting is that it has symbols to notate gluten free choices. As noted, this is normal business in Colorado, but still unusual here. There were lots of delicious foods to choose from. I got chicken souvlaki and fries.

This place was good. I will be back again. You should go too, if you haven’t been before.



One thought on “Plaka Grill

  1. Maizie says:

    Umm, why didn’t you all stop by?!

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