Squam Lake, a reading haven.

I have been coming to Squam Lake in New Hampshire for most of my life. We have come to Rockywold Deephaven camps since I was 3 and have taken only a few years off. This place is steeped in tradition. They pride themselves on things staying exactly the same. In fact, it was a huge decision to ban smoking in the all wooden cabins, it just came through this year. It is mostly the same people here each year (and families have been coming for generations) and the routine is basically the same. So…it is a little tough for me to find something new to do this week.

I am trying. I am thinking about climbing a mountain alone tomorrow. Adventure.

One new thing that has happened is I checked out books from the library from my Kindle. I know lots of people have done this, but not me. I am hooked. Squam Lake involves a lot of reading. We used to stay for 2 weeks and once I read 6 books. I read through all that I brought and what other people had as well. I read a history of the discovery of longitude and latitude that week. Before I left, I loaded up with some hard copy books and 3 new books on the Kindle.

Our cabin

I’ll let you know how the quest for something that I have never done goes.



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