Never have I ever bought a Kindle…until now. I broke down and did it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, about joinng the 21st century and getting some type of electronic reading machine. It’s what all of the cool people are doing. I love the Kindle Fire, but I decided to just go simple and go with the Kindle original. Just for reading, all I need.

I love having books. I’m sort of a hoarder of books at movies. If I lend you one, I definitely want you to read it, but then I want it back. So going with an electronic book reading machine was not really my style. You know what though? Who cares. This is the new Maria. I’m going for gold.

I was ordering my Kindle on whilst talking to Hannah over text. Thank goodness she explained to me that I could go to Best Buy and get the Kindle that VERY MINUTE. I would not have to wait for days to get it in the mail. SOLD. Another tidbit about me, when I want something, I’m a bit impatient about waiting to get it. Ordering things online does not often work for me because of this.
I went to Best Buy on Friday night and picked up a Kindle in 2 mins flat. The verdict? I already love it. I’ve found a lot of free books through and the library. It’s awesome! I also picked up a pretty adorable Kindle case for $6 at Marshalls the other night. So great.
I can’t wait to use this thing at the beach!

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