The Rattler

As I said before, Rockywold Deephaven is a place steeped in tradition, both corporately and for my individual family. Things just stay the same. As I drove up with my sister, stopping in the hotel we stopped in as little kids, I knew it was going to be a challenge to find something new to do this week.

Here are some things about me: I am by far the least athletic one in my family. I am determined; once I set my mind to something I will do it (i.e. finding something new to do even this week in order to keep my New Year’s resolution). I often opt out of athletic endeavors because growing up I always would have been the one to lose-despite my determination to win.  That is just some background info.

Every year we climb Rattlesnake, a mountain right by RDC. The trail is very close to our cabin. I usually do, but it frustrates me endlessly that I am not at the head of the pack.

This year would be different. I opted out of the family excursion because of this lingering cold I have left me feeling awful the morning they decided to go. The next morning I woke up at 7am, an hour before breakfast began. I decided, today is the day I climb the Rattler alone. I got dressed, got outside and headed towards the trail. Once I got outside I discovered it was raining. No turning back now, luckily the tree cover was blocking the rain.

Rattlesnake is not a tall mountain, by any stretch of the imagination, but the tricky part about this trail is that it just goes up, fairly steeply, the whole time. There aren’t a lot of switchbacks to provide respite. But, I was going to do it. Right before I made it to the top I did think about turning around, if I am going to be honest.

Once I got to the top, I discovered I was the ONLY one up there. Never does that happen either. It is usually quite crowded. To up the challenge on the way back, I decided to run. Sure, I almost bit it a few times. But, I didn’t. I made it. I found something new to do here. Mission accomplished.


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