1. I am back. After a 10 hour drive and spotting 36 different states’ license plates, I am glad to be back in Virginia.

2. After leaving New Hampshire, my dad, sister and I headed to Annisquam, Massachusetts. Our cousins from New York spend the summers there and it is beautiful.

At first I thought this post was going to be about going to a dinner party full of people I didn’t know, because I did that too, but on Sunday morning my cousin Maisie (we have a lot of repeated names in my family) said she was going to rent paddleboards.

Look at how blonde my hair got.

“Sounds so fun” I said, but really I was semi-terrified. In this year of new things, you would think I would be a little less scared of trying new things. I really am not.

We met the rental guy down at the beach and he gave us a quick once over and then we carried them down to the water and got on. Maisie initially told us that she wasn’t very experienced, but then told us that she has been doing Yoga classes on them this summer.

We all got on and the water and wind was fairly rough. Maisie headed off towards the left and Sally and I quickly followed her. Once we were in the harbor with calmer waters, a plan was hatched of going to the end of the inlet and back. The calmer waters made me feel much more comfortable and my legs finally began to relax.

Please, let me walk you through my thoughts on paddleboardig. Last summer I saw them and thought, that is the absolute stupidest thing anyone could ever do. It looks like zero fun and they move so slowly. This summer I saw people doing it at Squam Lake and said the same things. Maisie suggested it, immediately I thought it was going to be as hard as climbing Mount Everest. I started doing it and thought it was fun. Who am I kidding about the speed, going really fast makes me incredibly nervous, so this is the perfect thing for me.

We ended up going on a 2 hour excursion that ended with those rough waters again. For a while I thought I would never make it back to the beach because the wind was working against me and I could move nowhere. I did make it back, I never fell in, I had a good time.



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