What I didn’t know about Fire Dancing.

1. I didn’t know this genre of the visual arts existed until this morning. Then I happened upon this. I was excited all day.

2. I didn’t know the DJ from zoolander moonlighted as a creative fire dancer.

48573506 (this is a video of some of the fire dancing)

3. I didn’t realize that Creative Flame Dancing was such an up close and personal event.

This was not zoomed. Zoolander’s DJ was so close to me. I was sitting down and so was he. It was actually fairly uncomfortable. I couldn’t stop nervously laughing.

4. I didn’t realize that Creative Flame Dancers were so free to just try things out. They aren’t held down by the man. Ever.

I don’t have an actual picture of this. Let me paint a visual picture. The two men had a giant rope on fire that they were swinging like a jump rope. Naturally the crowd noticed this and started talking about them jumping the rope. The main guy (not DJ) gave the ladies a stare down. Neither of them budged. So while swinging the rope, the main man decided to try to jump in himself. His feet got caught and the giant swinging fiery rope went flying through the air landing on the grass. It was clear this was unplanned.

5. I never knew this culture of people existed.

This obviously is a culture. It involves a small amount of clothing, a hippy lifestyle, a love of fire, and adventure.

I can imagine no culture I would fit in with less.

But that won’t stop me from trying.



One thought on “What I didn’t know about Fire Dancing.

  1. […] told Hannah Keith over at Never Have I Ever, that this Creative Fire Dancing was probably pure evil based on their clothing, creepy dancing, […]

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