The First Unofficial Day of Fall

Normally today I would be hustling around labeling Klenexx boxes and pencils, but not today. No school for me today, and I admit, it feels weird. Despite the lack of the routine I have enjoyed for so many years, there is no denying that Labor Day is the unofficial start of the fall. While this makes me sad in a lot of ways, there are things that I really look forward to in the fall. So today, I present the top 5.

5. This has already begun, my new job: Mason Young Life. This past week was Welcome Week and it was awesome. Here is a picture from our first club.

There were an uncomfortable amount of people there, which was so fun.

4. The return of the Redskins. I know they probably won’t be as great as I hope, but I freaking love the Redskins. There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon wasted while watching football. I am a fan regardless of how good RG3 turns out to be. But, he’s going to be great, right?

3. Watching football is the perfect reason to eat, right? Wings are the best fall food, in my mind. My new gluten free lifestyle is going to make this kind of difficult, but I will find a way. Buffalo Chicken dip? Yes m’am.

ignore those crackers and imagine something made of corn.

2. Fall means TV shows come back, so the last 2 are dedicated to shows.  Modern Family returns. I can’t wait for Manny’s hilariousness.

Sometimes I feel like Phil at Mason.

I loved the first season of this show and have high hopes that this season will live up to that.

1. Last but not least, my favorite show returns (THANK GOODNESS) on September 20. We have talked about this show before, even used this video before. It. does. not. get. old. At least it doesn’t get old to me.

Words to live by.

Today, on this unofficial start to fall: Treat yo self.



4 thoughts on “The First Unofficial Day of Fall

  1. says:

    you know there’s been more than one season of modern family, right?

  2. Jen says:

    I really missed you today, my friend!! We’d have recess again together, if you were here!! I”ve got some of your former 2nd graders, and I have a LOT of questions for you!!!!!:)

  3. […] Remember how I was so sad about not eating wings? Dry those sympathy tears, Glory Days has gluten free wings. I have yet to sample them, but I know […]

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