Craigslist, my new obsession

Before teaching, I had no job. Not in high school, not in college. I volunteered a lot, but never searched for a job and interviewed. Until now. I know that I talked about the Korean Interview, but that was just one of many.

 I spend most of my free time looking for jobs on craigslist and other websites and send my resume to anything that looks semi-valid. My theory is that I should check it out before saying no. Good theory? I hope. There are 2 favorites I would like to discuss. The first one had the heading: Greeting cards; Work From Home, must have a computer. That’s basically it. It lead me to a questionnaire to fill out, which for some reason I did and ended with this: fun question, would you rather have a gourmet brownie or a Starbuck’s drink. I can see the thinking behind this though, because it tells you so much about a person. A few days later I got a call from a woman about the Greeting Card Distributor job. I haven’t had the nerve to call her back yet. I should, just to hear more about it. It has to be weird.

Another one was listed as an educational trainer. Sure, this sounds like the exact thing I am interested in. I should have become wary when it noted I would be paid $1,000 to $3,500 dollars a day. That is fishy for a craigslist job. But, I sent them my resume and received a strangely formatted e-mail days later with a link to a video I had to watch and their website. I am almost certain this is a pyramid scheme.

Those are the outliers. I have had some normal interviews too at great places. My favorite part about interviewing almost daily with half of my wardrobe being in storage is that I wear the exact same thing every time. Exact. It isn’t that I have a closet filled with corporate wear in my POD, but I think I may have a few more choices. But, I am left wearing a dress and cardigan from Target each time (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Nothing like a pre-interview photo-booth picture, right? You can see the excitement on my face.



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