US Open

Never have I ever seen such a long tennis match. Granted, I didn’t watch the whole thing. But last night the US Open’s Men’s final went almost 5 hours. I am not sure I stood 5 hours today.

There are many things to comment about this; but most importantly, did you know Andy Murray and Djokavic are dating the same girl? Or at least twin sisters?

Mics. There is so much to comment about the microphones. First of all, Maria pointed out to me the man who sits next to the official with a microphone. She sits on a little stand and swings a microphone back and forth as the ball moves. I have watched tennis most of my life and never have I ever noticed this. I am kicking myself.

I wish I could find a picture of this in action. No dice.

Speaking of microphones, did anyone notice the line judge’s microphone? WHAT, you weren’t watching? Well you missed out. I have NEVER seen a mic this awesome. And clearly, this is one of my preferred avenues of jokes. It looked like this:

Why? Those fuzzy tendrils were all up in his face. I guess there is a reason? But when I searched for a picture of this, all I saw was average microphones. So I am guessing this particular official had demanded this microphone and a bowl full of red m&m’s with a single blue one.

Finally, the length of this match clearly took a toll on the participants. Novak Djokovic suffered from a groin sprain, which I know is terrible but I can’t stop laughing, and Murray looked as if his he was annoyed. I am guessing that is the number one thing they go over at practice. Here is his coach

His coach is probably mad he smiled this big.

Pretty great tennis. Well done, Murray.

And, btw: any guesses about how long the longest tennis match in history is? I will give you a hint, these fella’s didn’t come close.

It was played in 2010 and was…11 hours and 5 minutes. I know I didn’t stand that long today.



One thought on “US Open

  1. spokeit says:

    The second microphone is what they use in studios (we have one in our studio!)- the fuzz cuts down on the ambient sound!

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