Never have I ever been to Southside. What is that you ask? Good question. Southside is the dining hall on the campus of George Mason University. I spend a lot of time at Mason and people are always talking about Southside. I am left to nod my head pretend like i know what is going on while the only information I have comes from my own D-Hall experiences and what I can see through the luxurious windows of Southside.

Times have changed since I was in college. JMU was known for its food, but when I was there D-hall was just like any other cafeteria around. It has changed since I was there, but when I was there you just walked down the lines and got what you wanted. If you wanted a salad or sandwich you made it. And you definitely had a big tray.

Not at Southside. #1, there is only one entrance with just one lady swiping cards. If this is ever meant to be a top notch dining hall, we need to be able to quickly get it. Take it from me. #2 there are zero trays to be found and tiny plates. I wish I had taken pictures, but the plates are long skinny rectangles, which look cool but aren’t going to hold a balanced meal. You need multiple plates which calls out for a tray. Nope. #3 Your ungloved hands will touch nothing. There are people to serve everything, except the frozen yogurt (which for most of my time at JMU was the only thing you couldn’t get yourself).

What Southside did offer was many options (though I am not sure how many healthy options there were) and a cool interior.

Now I will have something to add to the countless conversations about Southside. Thank goodness.


ps. all this talk of trays…i had to add this picture.


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