Gleaming Floors

I’m on the heels of Hannah with this news, but I am moving soon! I’ve lived in the same apartment in Reston for 5 years, but I’m moving on to greener, and cheaper pastures. My friend Karisse bought a condo in Reston! So I am going to be her roommate. The condo is awesome. The listing on the internet nicknamed it “GLEAMING FLOORS!” so obviously, we have nicknamed it Gleaming Floors for all eternity.

The condo is in Reston, closer to the Town Center. I have my own bathroom and big bedroom! And the kitchen is gorgeous with granite countertops! I’m pretty pumped.

Here are some pictures of the lovely place…

The living room

The dining room

My bedroom

My bathroom

The kitchen

Karisse’s fantastic closet

Karisse’s bedroom

Karisse’s bathroom

All I know is I can’t wait to see the teal dining room chairs in this place. It’s going to be awesome.




One thought on “Gleaming Floors

  1. Kathy says:

    Glad you are super excited. Does the color in the shower curtain qualify for “teal”?
    Hope the move in day goes well.

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