New Obsessions

I am doing something new tonight, but for now please enjoy some new obsessions:

1. I can’t stop watching the show Parenthood.

This show is about a family with 4 kids-I can relate. It is on Amazon Prime for free, I am so glad I splurged for that when I was rolling in the dough as a teacher.

2. The National Zoo has a new baby panda! The last baby panda, Tai Shan was born when my nephew was a baby and that might have made my family even more obsessed with him. I made a tiny panda shirt for him, we went to the zoo any chance we had, we all had panda fever. Pandas are born the size of a stick of butter. That is AMAZING! And they grow slowly, which is so cute. I hope everything goes well for this new little panda and I can’t wait to see it.

3. Remember how I was so sad about not eating wings? Dry those sympathy tears, Glory Days has gluten free wings. I have yet to sample them, but I know they will be amazing.

Enjoy your rainy Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “New Obsessions

  1. travisboatright says:

    Finally read this, didn’t that panda die?

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