Army 10 Miler

Never have I ever run the Army 10 Miler…or any race for that matter. I have not actually run/ran (?) the race yet, but I will be doing it on October 22nd. As you can see, the race is 10 miles. I have never run 10 miles in my life.

I have also been an incredible slacker this summer and barely did any running. Last week, I went to run, and looked at my GPS on my phone that I track milage/time with for every run. I realized, wow, I have not run since JULY 31ST. July people. I decided to run incredibly slow, basically a turtle could have lapped me, but I ran 4 miles. Then I ran it again the next day. This weekend I’m treating myself to a nice 5 mile run. Getting crazy here. I hope to have run at least 8 miles before the race, we’ll see how that goes.

There are only 2 requirements I have for this race:

1. That I do not pass out.

2. That I don’t get picked up by the bus that retrieves runners that cannot finish half of the race fast enough.

If I accomplish those two things, I will be proud.



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