Something happened to me 2 years ago; a change in my DNA, perhaps. I went from someone who thought wings were not worth the mess, to someone who can’t get enough. I am not exactly sure what brought about this change, maybe increased exposure or maybe something more profound, but those things are GOOD! Honestly, upon discovering that gluten makes my stomach kill this was one of my first thoughts: no more wings. I wasn’t sad about the bagels or cookies…but the delicious wings.

I was so sad about it the other day that I decided to google gluten free wings. It was like a ray of light shining down on me: Glory Days has gluten free wings. YES!

I convinced some lovely ladies from Mason to meet me there to try them out. Apparently upon arrival the hostess said to them, “Ahh, G.N.O”(who doesn’t have a girls night out at Glory Days on a Tuesday?)  I wish I hadn’t been late, because that is just funny to me.

Here is my review: Glory Day’s service leaves a bit to be desired. They never seem to have enough waiters working because you cannot find someone when you need more water or to order. But, it is worth it. When the wings came out I had to ask if they were actually gluten free because they looked just like the normal ones. And, honestly, I think they tasted just the same. They were freaking delicious.

I am so glad I don’t have to be left wanting this.



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