Camp No Doors.

Never have I ever slept in a sleeping bag zipped all the way up. Until this weekend. I must say I am not always sleeping in sleeping bags, but usually I am far too hot to keep that thing zipped up to the top. This weekend that changed. We had our first ever (in the country) Young Life College fall weekend. It was awesome.

Young Life does camp so well. They own camps all over the country that thousands of high school and middle school kids visit each year. These camps are really more like resorts than camps. The cabins are big and nice, the food is wonderful and there are tons of doors. For the first YL College weekend we decided, for lots of reasons to use a non-young life camp in West Virginia.

Friday-Sunday over 200 students from GMU, JMU, Ohio State, Maryland, Old Dominion, and Shepard took over Twin Creeks camp in Minihaha Springs, WV. Yes, Minihaha. It was fantastic. So fun, but there were some differences between this and Young Life camp. The food left a lot to be desired. A lot. And

Here is the outside of the cabin

Here is the inside of the cabin

Let’s take a closer look at the front…

That is simply a screen door

Fall came in with a bang in West Virginia this weekend. On Saturday night the low was in the 30’s. I was fairly set with a sleeping bag built for cold weather, but there  were quite a few people who didn’t come with blankets-those poor suckers are still recovering. All in all it was a fantastic weekend.


PS-I also went to Cookout for the first time this weekend and had the best milkshake ever. Chocolate, peanut butter, banana. I want another now.

They are pumped.



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