The Cirque

Never have I ever been to Cirque du Soleil. My sister and I went for my birthday last Friday night. It was near the National Harbor in a tent that they constructed. Of course, we proceeded to get insanely lost, but thankfully we made it there with time to spare. The tent itself was pretty small. Our seats were in the way back but we could see the stage just fine.

We definitely had our mouths gaping open the entire time. It is INSANE what these people can do. Basically it’s the Olympics on steroids. My favorite was about 7 women on really tall unicycles that threw bowls from their heads on to the other women’s heads- I can do that in my sleep.

The verdict? Totally worth it. I was so sad when it was over. Usually I’m the person who halfway through a play I’m bored and want to leave, but this left me completely captivated. I think I’m going to become a Cirque roadie.





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