I didn’t read Harry Potter and never understood the excitement of the new books coming out. But I saw it; people waiting in long lines wrapped around corners at midnight. I have never liked anything enough to withstand any type of hype for the premiere.

Until now. I have been looking forward to the new Mumford and Sons album for quite some time. It is so popular that it is almost cliched to say that, but it isn’t like there is only 1 person waiting in line for Harry Potter 7. That is why there is hype, because so many people are excited about it.

It does help Mumford and my new tighter budget that the album is offered on Spotify for free, and that I didn’t have to wait in any line at all to listen to it. I feel like I would have, but can’t be sure. I do know that  I haven’t really stopped listening to it. I love it.

This is my favorite song, I think, but honestly I like them all.

I do hate the word lover, this is true, but with this song almost forget it.



One thought on “Groupie.

  1. lizbelmares says:

    I thought you were going to say you’re finally reading HP

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