It has been quite a time since last I posted

I wrote this and it disappeared. But, it has been quite a time since I last posted, we will leave it at that. But, one of my favorite Patriots recently had quite an adventure and I would like to share it with you:

Please read this.

One last thing. A quick story. Maria and I cemented our friendship during the snowpocalypse. It was a marvelous few days that involved us not only discovering a wonderful friendship, but also discovering a love for g-chat. We would g-chat to each other in the same room (annoying, yes) and spent quite a lot of time video chatting other homebound snow-goers. Maria and I both have Macs, which are great, but didn’t offer anything special for the video chat. Our friend Alex had the coolest things available on his PC. He could talk to us from a spaceship or popping bubbles, just to name a few. Macs still haven’t come that far, but the other night I wanted to show Maria some new things in my apartment so we decided to video chat and discovered that g-chat has upped the ante.

Is it embarrassing to post these? Most likely.

You must know there are sound effects too. Nothing like a good rim shot after you tell a joke.



One thought on “It has been quite a time since last I posted

  1. nvrhaveievr says:

    hahahaha this is amazing. also, I love that it looks like you’re commenting on your own post.

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