Performance Art

1. Something weird is happening with the blog and it keeps cutting off the first few sentences.

Monday night, I was on campus for Young Life when one of my favorite Patriots, Lauren, began telling me about her art teacher and a dead rabbit. Obviously, I was intrigued. She told me it was part of a performance art installation that would be happening the next day.

Cut to Tuesday. I was meeting another one of my favorite Patriots, Jenny Hughes, on campus for lunch. I asked her if she would mind first going to see this. After telling her the details, Jenny was in for the adventure. Step 1 was finding it. I don’t know any of the names of buildings on campus, all I knew was it was in the basement of the art building.

We ended up here. The building was merely a shell. After hemming and hawing for a few moments about other possibilities (a conversation to which I could add nothing other than “I know it’s in the basement of the art building…” not helpful), Jenny had a stroke of genius and remembered the other possibility.

The construction on the other building has a lot to live up to

We walked in the building and headed downstairs and practically walked right into the installation. Lauren’s teacher was sitting in a chair wearing a golden mask holding the bunny. She appeared to be talking to the rabbit, although it wasn’t audible.

this is my friend Travis’s picture

(Check out Travis’s blog)

The people were mesmerized. Jenny and I stood there for a few minutes and then signaled to each other that maybe it was time to move on. I am not completely sure I got it, but one thing I was glad to learn later on was that the rabbit was a stuffed one.

Maybe for next week I will try an installation of my own?



One thought on “Performance Art

  1. Finally catching up on my reader! Thanks for the shout out! I saw this after you did too!

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