Care, you were right.

On Mondays I babysit Britten. We take naps and walks. Last week, I changed things up a bit and decided to strap her carseat in the car and go on an adventure. This has opened the door to a world of adventure that Merrifield has to offer.

Backstory: Britten’s mom is Caroline and I have lived with her longer than anyone outside of my family. We lived together in college and on and off out of college until I moved to Alexandria and she got married. A few years out of college Caroline bought a townhouse in Merrifield. I lived there for a while and the perks were it is convenient. It is close to lots of things:  495, Fairfax, Alexandria.The downside, it is technically in Annandale, which I have called: the armpit of Fairfax County. The kinds of things we had to do in the neighborhood were to hang out at a bar with a huge terrace that looks out onto a highway and a parking lot. Caroline always said that it was up and coming, and I always laughed.

I don’t know if you have been to Merrifield any time recently, but it is up and coming. There is a new urban shopping district, and it is fairly amazing. There is a fancy movie theatre, a sweetgreen is coming, Anthroplogie, Paper Source and a big fancy Target. They have been building the Target for quite some time and I have been wanting to get in there ever since.

Last week I heard it was open. It actually had been opened, I missed the grand opening. It made me sad, but it was time to pick up the pieces and keep going. Britten and I had a big day ahead of us.

She was pumped. Look at her!

Just look at that thing…pretty, right? Here is the sad part: the Target is actually just like any other. It isn’t 2 floors, as it appears from the outside, there isn’t anything different inside. It is just like the one you might find in Iowa City or Harrisonburg.

Britten loved it though.

The building itself is fairly amazing and it was the sunniest, nicest day you could ask for.

Confusing maze of escalators.

pretty wall of windows.

After walking out of Target empty handed, a minor miracle, Britten and I decided to walk around (side note, don’t you love it when people talk about babies like that? That they are in on the decisions?). We ended up finding a Mom’s Organic Market (M.O.M’s). There was one of these right next to my house in Alexandria and I always wanted to go in, but never did. Today was my lucky day.

It was a touch intimidatingly cool in there. It does seem to be a good place to buy things, apparently it is cheap (that is what they told me). They had a lunch bar where they would make you a rice bowl filled with lots of healthy things. My favorite thing they had was this:

I had these cookies this summer in Massachusetts and have been dreaming of finding them ever since.

What a day.



One thought on “Care, you were right.

  1. Julie says:

    I laughed at this blog entry possibly more than any other you’ve written. I can just picture you and Britten cruising around Merrifield. There is some slogan that has been on red bumper stickers for years that says something like Welcome to Beautiful Merrifield. They were always right! It just looks different now and filled with more traffic.

    I need to find a new, cheap dry cleaner because I now have to fight more traffic to get there than is worth the savings. Plus, I still miss the quirky car repair repair place that was on the corner of 29 and Gallows and looked like it had been plucked from somewhere in Germany because it was a Tudor building with what looked like cuckoo birds and other stuff poking out of the window!

    It is CRAZY how different that area is these days–after they tore down the Multiplex movie theater that I went to as a kid and saw movies with my HS friends. Now, look at it!

    Glad you and Britten had a big adventure and that you found your cookies! I also think you undersold our location in Annandale a bit, not only could we walk to Grevey’s but we could walk to get Pho, go to CVS, go to Fairfax Hospital. It definitely is a good location.

    Hope you’re well! 🙂

    See you soon–J

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