Despite the days of warning that I would be without power, here I am just back from driving to the movies in a warm house on the internet. Sandy didn’t quite live up to the Frankenstorm hype here. I know it did other places, and I am so sorry about that.

But this is a post about the hype. For days the media was telling me that I had best prepare for the apocalypse, that it was inevitable that the power would be out for days, nay weeks. As I have mentioned before, I don’t have a television, yet still I was quite aware of the magnitude of the storm headed our way. What did I do? Make preparations, of course.

I headed to Wegman’s to pick up some non-perishables. I went Friday night and the store was jam packed and there was almost nothing to be had. The fruit bins were empty, ravenous people were swirling around with carts filled to the brim. There were people milling about in the chip isle, wondering how many bags would be enough and gallons upon gallons of water were being bought. The picture above shows my entire cart. I almost felt embarrassed that I was leaving with $20 worth of food while others had multiple carts. I think I made a strong choice though, my cans of tuna haven’t even been opened.

On Sunday as the skies turned grey, I went into hibernation mode. I decided I had better pop some popcorn while I still could.

The rains did come and so did some wind, but this was far from the awful derecho we had in June. My news feed is filled with people saying that they still have power and I am sure they have carts and carts of uneaten food-if my time at Wegman’s means anything.

I feel awful for the people who were hit hard by the storm. The pictures of what is happening to the North of us are scary for sure. But for now, I will leave you with some shots of the damage from Clifton, VA.



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