Jack of all trades

1. Today is election day! I LOVE ELECTION DAY! Seriously, last night I felt like I do the night before a holiday. It is just so exciting, whatever happens, it is an exciting process that we get to be a part of. If you haven’t voted yet-GET OUT THERE.

2. Never have I ever had so many jobs. Never have I ever had more than 1 job. Never have I ever had so many different types of jobs.

This Sunday I started yet another job. Well, I have been doing it-but it culminated this weekend.

I am working as a director of children’s ministry at a brand new church, Capital City Fellowship. The first ever service was this weekend. It was a preview service. The next one will be in December and then it will start weekly services in January. My job is to oversee all children’s ministry and run the elementary school children’s church. We meet in the Mason Inn which I have never been in either. It is pretty great, there were tables in all the rooms with goblets and icy water. The kids were overly excited about fancy water, but can you blame them?

There were about 8 kids there, and they were awesome. The church was bursting at the seams, they had to bring in more chairs. 2 of the students were the girls that I live with, Caroline and Mary Grace. They are pretty cute and it was fun to have them there with me!

Mary Grace was glad we were giving out her favorite candy.

I think I have reached my limit on jobs, but maybe not. Who knows?



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