This is happening.

This blog has been a Mumford and Sons fan site lately. Come on, who doesn’t love their tunes? Just like Hannah, I can’t stop listening to them. It’s a perfect mix of mellow and upbeat. SO, when Hannah and I heard on the radio that they were coming to the Patriot Center in February, we freaked out and jumped at the chance of getting tickets.

The ticket sales opened today at 10:00 am. I was ready and waiting on Ticketmaster with my credit card. The strike of 10:00 came, and I was on my way to finding 2 tickets. It was not easy. Every time I put any request in, it came back saying a match could not be found. WHAT THE HECK. I tried for another 45 mins with zero luck. I think they sold out in a matter of seconds.

An hour or two later Hannah messaged me and said that Mumford added ANOTHER concert on Valentine’s Day at the Patriot Center! Amazing! We looked on Ticketmaster. Sold out again. So, we decided to go big or go home. Hannah found some tickets on StubHub and quickly bought them. We were pumped. Elated. Excited. Then we realized we accidentally only bought one. Womp Womp. SO, I went on Stub Hub, quickly found 2 tickets for just a littttttle bit more money, and bought them. All while at work…let’s ignore that little detail.

The problem was, we had one random ticket that we didn’t need. I called Stub Hub expecting to get a jerk on the phone that would tell me I couldn’t get a refund. Instead, I got the nicest guy that refunded the service fee and is helping us sell the ticket for a profit! This situation is looking up.

Stub Hub, I love you. For your amazing customer service and the fact that you have provided us with tickets to a Valentine’s Day Extravaganza. I can’t wait.



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