Ice Cream of the Future.

Never have I ever had Dippin’ Dots. I have done a lot of joking about them being the ice cream of the future, because…come on…that line is genius.

Last night, while at Mason, people started talking about Dippin’ Dots available on campus. We walked right over there and bellied up to the counter. When you order Dippin’ Dots they simply scoop them out of a tupperware container.

 I ordered mint chocolate. I guess they don’t say chip because there are no chips involved. The bowl was so small I was sure that I would leave wanting more, but that wasn’t really the case. I was surprisingly full.

Here are my thoughts: 1. I do not think the future of ice cream lies in this product. Although delicious, it isn’t more delicious than actual ice cream.

2. Those tiny balls of whatever stick to your tongue in a really weird way.

3. I may actually only have 2 thoughts about Dippin’ Dots. Other than this: I believe their new slogan should be:

The Future is Now…

Eat Up.

Dippin’ Dots.



2 thoughts on “Ice Cream of the Future.

  1. Caroline says:

    Haha, yes!!! Glad you finally got to experience the future…

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