New discoveries

Never have I ever loved two new things so much.

1. Keurigs. Ok, we have a Keurig at work, but we have to pay 50 cents for a cup of coffee and we have gross powdered creamer and coffee called “extra bold”. No thank you. So, when Karisse got a Keurig as a housewarming present, I was excited but not sold. Update: I’m sold. So easy and convenient! And delicious! I also was introduced to the amazing Caribou coffee Kcups and they are fantastic. I just solidified myself as a coffee/Keurig addict by buying 96 Kcups online.

2. The Body Shop. Never have I ever been or received anything from there. Man, I’ve been missing out! I have heard amazing things about it, so I finally decided to go check it out. Jeez, they really sell it up. You get a billion free gifts and money off when you join and have a Body Shop card (kind of like a VIC card). I bought a lot. Too much. But it was so tempting and it all works so well! Now I receive daily emails about their amazing sales. This is not good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




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