Photo Shoot

My family has always gone to White Stone, VA (that’s right, population of 358 12 years ago) for Thanksgiving. It is so beautiful there.

White Stone is on the Northern Neck of Virginia, where the Rappahannock River meets the Chesapeake Bay.  It is beautiful; there is water everywhere you look and it is incredibly rural. Farm land meets water and beaches? Hard to beat.

Where is the Never Have I Ever you may be wondering. Well I have always thought about how pretty this place is, especially when the sun is setting, but never have I ever attempted to capture it with a camera. Never have I ever spent time taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, actually.

On Thanksgiving evening I spent some time walking around our yard there taking pictures as the sun was setting. And on the map above,  we are right down by Fleets Island.

Here I go

The house

This is a boat that is in our yard…not sure why

Lulu, living it up

My dad saw me out in the yard taking pictures and was sure I was a stranger.

I think the time was worth it. I am glad to have these pictures.



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