Never have I ever removed stitches. From myself or from anyone else. My roommate Karisse just had a procedure done and needed stitches removed from her face. Guess who the lucky live in doctor was who removed them??

I was weirdly excited to do it at first, but when I went to do it I freaked out a little. Hurting someone else or messing up their face freaks me out, but she’s an old pro in the stitches department. Basically, I just had to pull up the stitches with tweezers, cut the stitch  and then pull it out. It was sort of awesome. And then I just helped put a band aid on it. I wish I had been wearing a face mask and gloves. That would have made it all more awesome.






One thought on “Stiches

  1. Kathy says:

    Your true calling???

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