Never have I ever been to an improv show. I am so lucky that George Mason offers so many free opportunities. Last Thursday I went to an improv show on campus.

Here is the truth, I think things are really funny. I laugh at a lot of things. The one exception is comedy. Stand up comedians are not hilarious to me, and improv is even less funny. Who’s line is it anyway? never made me laugh. Well, in all truth, I couldn’t watch it.


Here is a rundown of the night. First they asked of a volunteer from the audience to be interviewed about Thanksgiving. They found a very willing participant. She hopped right up and talked not only about her Thanksgiving, but her day that day as well. The interview session was awkward. Incredibly awkward. She sat in front of everyone facing the audience, while they stood behind asking questions. The other strange part was they were all dressed up. The guys were wearing ties and the girls were dressed up as well. When did comedy become so formal.

When the improving began, the laughter started immediately. I mean IMMEDIATELY! When people see something that they are told it is going to be funny, they are primed and ready to laugh. I had 2 favorite audience members, 1 laughed like a seal and the other was literally sitting on the edge of her seat.


The thing that makes improv work is this: the interview creates a shared experience that allows for inside jokes. Everyone loves an inside joke.

Bonus: During the night, someone sang a song “Nothing’s gonna happen” which reminded me of a song I had seen recently on the show Jem and the Holograms. Enjoy.


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