Never have I ever put a website together. I am definitely not a web designer. Not at all close. My mom and her wonderful friend Maryann have started a business that deals with all aspects of grief. They needed someone to help finish their website so they could get their products out to the masses. My sister Tricia started the website long ago in the early stages, and then I took over to finish it up. Let me tell you, its not easy. SO MANY DETAILS. You know what though? It’s really fun. Especially when you care about the people and the business you are making it for.

My sister Merrie painted the logo and other butterfly paintings that are on the website. My best friend Cindy from the lovely Cindy Wood Photography designed the Compassion Cards and branding for the site with the beautiful pictures Tricia took. It really was a family affair!

So, check it out. The business is great. Show it to your friends. Anyone that is grieving or hurting. It really is some amazing stuff.



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