Last night I didn’t have campaigners. I didn’t have anything for the first time in a while, in fact. What I did have was an idea about a dress I wanted from Anthroplogie. While babysitting, I had found a dress on sale I thought would be perfect for upcoming Christmas parties, and the internet told me that the Anthropologie on F Street had it in stock.

Time for an adventure. 2012 Hannah is spontaneous, always looking for adventure. Off I went. There was no traffic, warm weather and Christmas decorations. Good combination.


The trip had its upsides and downsides. Upsides: it was really pretty downtown, there was a Christmas market going on, and anytime I go into the city I wonder why I don’t do it more.


This picture is blurry because I felt awkward taking it so close. As soon as I snapped it Santa asked if I had a camera and if I wanted to take a picture of them all together….I had to awkwardly admit that this boy is a complete stranger. His dad was saying the same thing in unison with me.


Downsides to the trip: Anthropologie did not have the dress, or any others that I wanted. The Christmas market was  closing down as I walked through. Last but not least, I got a parking ticket. I spent so much time figuring out how to pay the meter, I missed the sign that said I couldn’t park there after 6:30. Jeez. 1 million signs per post makes it confusing for the suburbanites.

Not a perfect trip, but I am still glad I did it.



2 thoughts on “Impromptu

  1. Jon says:

    Really wish you had taken that group picture.

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