Christmas Movies

In the spirit of Christmas, here are my top 5 favorite holiday movies (in no particular order). I usually watch these movies with a friend, always truly believing that the following year I will be in love and on the brink of marriage. We’ll see if that happens this year.

5. A Boyfriend for Christmas. This movie is ridiculously bad. It’s also completely great. The clothing and casting is horrible, but there is something about the story line that gets me every time.


4. Holiday in Handcuffs. I was recently told that this movie title sounds a bit innapropriate. I tend to agree, but I assure you, this movie is pure gold on a PG level. Who doesn’t love Slater’s huge dimples?


3. The Holiday. Come on, this movie is a classic. It makes me feel incredibly old that this movie came out 6 years ago. I relate the most to Kate Winslet and really want to be her. I have recently befriended an older woman that lives in the apartment above me, so I’m getting closer. Now I just need to find a cute Jack Black character to be my date for NYE.


2. Little Women. This movie is not exactly a Christmas movie, but there are a few Christmas scenes. I openly weep every time I watch it and know every word. It reminds me of childhood and I love it.


1. A Christmas Story. One phrase says it all, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”




One thought on “Christmas Movies

  1. Rooms says:

    I am scared of “A Christmas Story”–I do not like it. I will not watch it with you. 🙂

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