This could be a repeat

I could have sworn I wrote about this already, but I couldn’t find it.  As this time of year comes around I think about the presents I have gotten as a teacher. Presents from students can be amazing and thoughtful, but they can also be strange. While working at a school one year I had the best presents. And by best, I mean completely weird. This was my first year at this school; I had no idea what to expect. This is what came in.

1. A Santa Pen

2. A piece of homemade cake wrapped in a paper bag.

3. A bottle of sparkling apple cider, which I felt awkward about all day.

4. And a bag of chocolate chips.

I know I have told this before, but I hope you were able to enjoy it again.

One for the road: A few years later, at another school, for another holiday. For Valentine’s day I had a student give me a present which I opened there and it was a black shirt, a teeny tiny shirt with a deep deep v. This shirt would have never been appropriate to wear to school. Awkward.

One more, Valentine’s Day story. Another year, same school, I had a student come to school with a giant trash bag. “This is a present from my dad!” He told me. I had just met his dad the day before at a parent teacher conference. I didn’t open it until the end of the day, when the student asked me what was in the bag. I tore open the bag, and was almost knocked over by the scent of cologne. Inside the bag was a giant dog stuffed animal holding a heart that said “I love you!”

Enjoy the thoughts of these awkward present stories as my gift to you this holiday season.



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