Something you may not know about me

I am obsessed with license plates and gas prices. I have been for a long time. I notice the price of gas at each station I pass and have since the time I was a little girl (back when gas was cheap).  But that isn’t what we’re talking about today. Today, we are talking about license plates. For a while, I thought everyone was as in tune to the different states whipping by them on the highway. Apparently, I was wrong.

A few years ago I had a small notebook in my car where I would write down the states I saw in hopes of seeing all 51 (D.C. is included, of course). This system had a few kinks. 1. I didn’t have them organized well enough and would end up repeating states. 2. I didn’t know what states I had left. 3. I got a stick shift car during this time which pushed me to giving up-not enough hands.

Flash forward to the times of smart phones. You all might be excited about your phone for lots of different reasons, but I am most excited about the License Plate Game App (LPG for all enthusiasts). This is a fairly primitive app, but it provides me exactly what I so desperately needed. It is just a list of all the states (Hawaii and Alaska aren’t actually included on this list, but I have seen them) and you check them off as you see them. I have 4 states left. I have had 4 states left for quite a while. I know I have seen 3 of them, but Never Have I Ever seen the last one. It might be worth a road trip.




And finally, the Holy Grail: North Dakota

If you see these license plates, please alert me. I will be on edge until all 51 are found. Then I will probably start the game all over again.



4 thoughts on “Something you may not know about me

  1. Bevin says:

    I love license plates, too! My favorite is the NC Smokey Mtns one with the Black Bear… Unfortunately, I’ve seen that North Dakota waaay too much 🙂

  2. Russ (my husband) went to the University of Oklahoma. I get excited every time I see an Oklahoma license plate, or an OU sticker.
    My favorite license plate is, however, New Mexico. “The Land of Enchantment”- not everyone can claim that.

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