Are the Mayans Right?

You know you’ve been thinking about it all year long. The end is nigh. People are planning for Christmas, yet tomorrow could be the end of it all.

Probably not.

But just in case, I went to Taco Tuesday this week. I have never been.

Cafe Rio is new to Virginia from the west, mainly Utah it seems. On Tuesdays they have cheap tacos, $1.50? I think. I am not sure, because I couldn’t eat the tacos.

Womp, Womp. Dang you, gluten!

They have flour in their corn tortillas.

The family I live with goes every week with some other friends of ours. There are either 6 or 9 kids there all 7 and under. It is pretty insane-and also fun. I am glad I got to experience it this year.

I did take a picture of the salad I got, but it didn’t save to my phone. Too much craziness.


P.S. Why didn’t more people take advantage of this weird Mayan celebration?


One thought on “Are the Mayans Right?

  1. Caroline says:

    I know I’ve said this before, but man, do I love your blog, ladies. You are such good writers, and whenever I see a new entry reminder (I get reminders in my email) I am psyched! The only thing that makes me sad is that 2012 is almost over…never have I ever been sadder to see the end of the year come! Will you PLEASE find some new adventures?

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