Root Canal

Never have I ever had a root canal. This is a sad one to write about. I have been very blessed with pretty great teeth. I’ve never had a cavity before. I also don’t have dental insurance, so that usually means no regular check ups for this girl. Recently I was having a lot of pain in my back lower tooth. I decided that I finally needed to bite the bullet and go for a check up.

I ended up going to this place called Gentle Touch Dental Spa in Falls Church, right by my work. Man, was it a spa. They have personal tv’s for every chair that come with personal headphones. You can either watch TV or one of the 300 movies they offer. I hit the jackpot here.

The dentist is so nice. She’s a sassy Venezuelan woman that wears 4″ heels. After some X-rays, she came in and informed me that they back tooth was bad and needed a root canal. WHAT THE HECK. I was not happy. She then tried to numb me for the root canal by shooting an 8″ long needle in my gums multiple times. My entire face was numb, but the tooth wouldn’t budge. Turns out it was infected. I left with antibiotics and a scheduled visit to come back.

Long story short, I finally got the root canal. There we a lot of nights in there of popping Vicodin for the pain, so I was SO happy to finally get it. I’ve heard horror stories, but the root canal itself was actually pretty relaxing.

Moral to the story? Go to the stinking dentist. And floss. That is all.





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